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Friday, April 9, 2010

NHL Stanley cup playoff commericals

I really think the NHL messed up the new NHL stanley cup playoff commercials. They had a great idea, show great highlights from playoffs past. It had great music, the piano was piece is very memorable. Where it messes up is having these great plays done backwards, it's like you don't even know what is going on unless you rewind it DVR style. Another problem is that these plays are almost 20 years old, so showing them backwards, (unless you're over 40 and have a photographic memory) you're most likely not going to remember any of these plays, so showing them backwards does nothing to get new fans excited about the playoffs.

What this does is just confuse the average fan and anger a great fan like me who just want to watch some cool hockey action with nice music and a little message at the end. The NHL has done this right before with it's cup raise video done in 2008. It's is just a pity that the NHL need to resort to gimmicks when it already has a great game.

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