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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snake's Round One predictions


Caps vs Habs

The Habs backed their way into the playoffs this year and really don't belong. 3-4-3 in the last ten is no way to end the season. Yes, they played the Caps close, but I really don't see them winning a single playoff game against the Caps.

Caps in Four

Flyers vs Devils

In the last two years, the Flyers have always stepped it up during the playoffs, even last year when they played the Pens and lost in the first round.  Now, I can't say the same for Jersey. It also doesn't hurt to have Chris Pronger on your team.

Flyers in 6

Sabres vs Bruins

This will be the closest of the series for these two teams are very evenly matched.  The Bruins have played well as of late.  Last year they led the Eastern Conference in points. I feel the Bruins may just be hitting their stride at just the right time.

Bruins in 7

Pens vs Sens

As much as I would like to pick the Sens, the Pens will find a way to win this series. Crosby, much to my dismay, is a great player and will get the MVP this year. The Pens are just too good to lose to the Sens.

Pens in 6


Sharks vs Avs

The Avs, by the way they have played the second half of this year, have no right to be in the playoffs. Not even the Sharks could mess this one up.

Sharks in 5

Hawks vs Preds

The Blackhawks have too much talent for the Preds to handle, I don't see this even being close.

Hawks in 5

Kings vs Canucks

Luongo is ready to lead the Canucks on a long playoff run.

Canucks in 5

Jets* vs Wings

The Winnipeg Jets* are having an amazing season in Phoenix this year, sadly they drew the wrong opponent in the Detroit Red Wings, who have been very strong in the second half of this season.

*The Winnipeg Jets are actually the Phoenix Coyotes (for the moment).

Wings in 4


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